Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Open wide and say Ahhhhh

A couple of weeks ago I had to take Auburn Aries to the doctor for what I suspected what Strep throat. I thought it would be best to get a culture done just to make sure it was treated if that was the case.

While sitting the little room waiting, Aries looks over at me and says:

AA: I know how to spell Chlamydia.

AP: [flashes to a certain scene in Mean Girls and subsequently wonders why a 10 year old knows this not-so-fun fact] You do?

AA: Yes. It's c.h.l.a.m.y.d.i.a.

AP: Well, that's good, Honey. Just don't get Chlamydia, okay?

AA: Okay Mommie.

After seeing the doctor and deciding to go ahead and take the throat culture even though she doesn't suspect it was Strep, the nurse returns to take the culture. It took a little bit of convincing Auburn Aries that the throat culture was necessary.


AP: Yes, Baby, she is. She's just gonna touch it to your tonsils and make sure everything is okay.

AA: I've seen CSI, Mom. They don't just touch that thing to your throat. They drag it around and dig a little!!!

AP: Well that's true but this isn't CSI and you aren't dead. So open your mouth.

Aries finally did open her mouth and the nurse did drag it around a little. I about died laughing at the look on Aries face as though had she just drank sour milk.

AA: It's not funny Mom... [gags a little then coughs] It feels like I just swallowed metal.

AP: Like a glass of metal shards?

AA: Yep, just like that.

Who says having kid isn't fun??

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