Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Praying for Vomit, a Power Outage...ANYTHING!

People at work suck today.  I started the day out feeling great and now I'm so bitchy I can hardly stand it.

That guy on that other team continues to act like he manages my team.  Why isn't my Manager fed up and outraged?  Does he have to deal with everything with kid gloves?  Can't he just draw a line in the sand and tell Mr. Pushy Pants to kill the motor and get lost?!  I would be happy to do it for him.  Goddess, please give me the opportunity to tell Mr. Pushy Pants that he's not the boss of me and to pucker up and kiss my rosy ass and to once and for all put him in his place.  Sometimes being nice doesn't get through to some people.  It's been eight months of continually telling him to step back and still he tries to boss me.  Street Aub would love to handle it, but I have to escalate to my boss and follow procedure.  GRRR.  Same old story, same old song and dance.

And to the nitwit who has to crawl up my ass with a flashlight every fucking morning...please stop asking me the same shit every gawddamn day.  When I say I've got it covered, that means you can remove it from your to-do list.  I'VE GOT IT.  You work for me, not vice versa and you're not my freaking secretary.  I don't need reminders.  My plate is pretty full because I've stop handing work off to you, in case you hadn't noticed.  I swear it's like holding the hand of a 20-something who doesn't yet understand the importance of a job well done.

And do we really need to engage the entire team about how a client isn't opening tickets into the queue correctly?  Can we not think for ourselves?  How about you think to yourself 'hmm, this client isn't doing this right.  How can I best communicate to them the correct procedure?'

No, instead you have to tie up a staff meeting to complain that it's not right and engage our Manager and discuss it for 10 freaking minutes.  That's why I interjected.  Being helpful was a bi-product.  It was to cut to the chase and say here's how you handle it and can we move on?!  For shit's sake.  Bringing shit like that up doesn't make you look smart because you found a problem  Look smart when you share with the team how you discovered a lapse in procedure and how you fixed it.  Would you like one of us there to cheer you on for wiping your own ass, too?  Fuck.

Overall I love my team and my Manager and I enjoy what I do.  This is just one of those mornings when I can see through the veil that usually covers stupidity making it easy for me to not play well with others so it's best I stay right here in my home office and off the radar.  Head down, fingers flying.  The less I say, the better. 

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