Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hamlet...the hamster

I was in Auburn Aries' office looking for index cards on which she must write her speech on flies. I was looking around and realized I was maneuvering around a pedestal fan that magically appeared.

The weather in Portland has been phenomenal. It was around 93 degrees yesterday. That pleases me. Feeling the warmth of sun against my sunlight deprived skin puts me in a great mood. Not being cold...another plus.

Having a daughter that never gets cold can be the only drawback. When I put her bed last night, she requested a fan to keep her cool. The fan ran all night long in her room and she slept like a baby because of it.

While looking for the index cards I stopped, looked at the fan and looked at Aries.

AP: Where'd that fan come from?

AA: My bedroom.

AP: Why is it in your office?

AA: To keep Hamlet [her Albino hamster] cool today.

AP: You ran a fan all day long to keep your hamster comfortable???

AA: Yeah. What's wrong with that? This room is really warm [it's located in the very center of the house] and I didn't want him to overheat.

AP: Wait a second...you ran a fan all day long without my knowledge while I was at work 50 miles south of here at Company South to make sure your hamster was comfy? Were you going to let me know you were going to leave a fan running all day long?

AA: Mom, I told you this morning. I said I was going to move the fan for Hamlet so he'd stay cool. You didn't say anything.

Mental note to self: Spend less time playing with your MAC makeup and picking a sundress and more time listening to your kid.

Somewhere in between "I can't get my ponytail tight enough" and "do I have to brush my teeth" she snuck one in on me.

P.S. Canada Girl, I know I owe you some calls. Bear with me, I'm working through some stuff. And Guru, leave some time open the week of Memorial weekend. You've got a couple of Auburns to meet.

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