Friday, September 29, 2006

How We Treat People (and things) in this World

A story by Auburn Aries
(none of this story has been modified or corrected)

How We Treat People (and things) in this World

There once lived a girl that was the same from the people in her class but they teased her like she wasn't good enough or something and everyday she would go home and ask her Mom if she was different. Her Mom always told her, if she was different, she would have told her. And if she was, it wouldn't be no different. "Cause" she will always be the better person.

One day she went home and asked Momma are we poor? No. Your not poor if you have a loving family and a nice friend. Ok Momma.

So when she went to school the next day, the kids asked are you poor or something? So instead of answering, she asked if she could give a speech in front of the class? The teacher said yes so she did.

Her speech went like this:

How We Treat People by: Alexa B.

I know this might not change you but listen. We all might be different but we're all one people. We're all one. We shouldn't be friends one day and not be the next.

And teasing. We need to stop "cause" always 24 against one.

[pictures of flowers and rainbows and shooting stars here]


We all just need peace!

Thank you for listening to my speech.

Parental side note:

I may make mistakes as a parent but when I read her stories, especially stories like this one, I realize I am doing one very important thing right. I have the best kid on the planet. My concern is that someone at school has said something to her that it prompted these thoughts in her. We clearly are not poor and she knows that but the stuff about mis-treating her because she's different bothers me on a scale that is indescribable. They better pray I never hear them say it to her…or better yet, I pray that I *do* hear it. Little bastards.

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