Friday, October 06, 2006

Touched by...

The friendship I have with My Boys.

Hearing Pony's laugh when something is really funny. The way his head tips back when he's doing so. And the way he leans it to one side or the other just slightly as the laughter subsides.

Hearing Pony say "I love you more" after I've said it to him.

Watching Hot Toddy when he's being jovial and everyone is laughing at his anecdotes and hearing him laugh at his own humor.

The strength of the friendship that consumes me when Toddy hugs me.

A quiet conversation with The Professor after everyone has left for the evening and it's just raw conversation about the real stuff that makes our lives complete.

The Professor's truly grounded spirit and the clarity he possesses.

The interaction between all of us when we're together. Even on bad days we are all there for one another.

The ability to share my fears with the people that love me the most and to know it's okay to be afraid sometimes.

The wherewithal to face my fears and feel "little" because I know I have family to catch me if I fall.

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