Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Holiday Hawk

While hanging with Auburn Aries last night watching CSI, that new commercial for Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash came on. It's the one with the Holiday Hawk in it. Aries decided to explain to me what it was.

AA: That's the new Cranberry Splash. It's only around once a year.

AP: So they said.

AA: You know it tastes like cranberry juice.

AP: Really.

AA: Yep. Cranberry juice with suds.

AP: What? Excuse me, baby?

AA: Cranberry juice with suds in it. You know, Mom. The same way regular Sierra Mist tastes like water with suds in it.

AP: [Begins to laugh]

AA: What's so funny?

AP: You mean carbonation?

AA: Yeah, suds...carbonation, same thing.

Aries has entered a stage of talking non-stop. She shares opinions, stories, instructions, gives suggestions, wants to read aloud get the idea. Night before last I couldn't take one more syllable. I actually turned to her and told her that I needed five minutes of no talking.

She got upset about it which was just fine with me - it still meant silence.

Last night, however, I was reminded why sometimes I just need to let her ramble!

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