Tuesday, October 31, 2006

AA: Mommy, I have my field trip to Zenger Farms tomorrow.

AP: You need to dress warmly because it's going to be cold tomorrow. Wear something long-sleeved and wear your puffy coat.

AA: I have my new hot pink rubber boots to keep my feet dry!

AP: I'll pack you a lunch. Oh! And you have those gardening gloves I bought you this summer you can take.

AA: Gardening gloves…

AP: Yeah, gardening gloves. Trust me, you'll be glad you have them.

AA: Mom, why would I need gardening gloves?

AP: Beeeecause, it a vegetation farm where there are plants. You'll be planting seeds. Remember this is the first of three field trips there. Plant seeds, watch seeds grow?

AA: We are not planting seeds.

AP: Yes you are. Mr. Teacher-man said you guys were.

AA: [insert exasperated tone here] Mom, we're making beds there.

AP: I know. Flower beds.

AA: No Mom. We're learning to make beds there.

AP: Aries, you're making the beds to plant the seeds in.

AA: What?!...

AP: Like a vegetable garden. The area you plant the seeds in are called beds.

AA: [laughing hysterically] Oh my gosh, Mom, I thought they were taking us there to learn to make beds. Like beds people sleep in.

AP: Why would you think that? [other than you're Mom is a city girl and doesn't ever get your hands in the Earth]

AA: Well, there's that farm house there with all those solar panels and I thought there were probably a lot of beds in there.

AP: Dork.

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