Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sexy Girl

She reached out to shake my hand and playfully told me we had the same last name. When I looked up at her, she took my breath away. She was so sexy. She has the sexiest gray hair peppered in all the right places. She was giggling and being playful. She seemed carefree. She had my hand in hers and I didn't want to let go.

I believed her about the last name and was surprised at the coincidence. She was joking and we all laughed about it.

I initially thought she was being flirtatious, but dismissed it not thinking she was serious. Later on, HTTO pointed out that she was "totally flirting with [me]."

I watched her for a while. I watched her interact with her friends. She has great energy. I wanted to be near her.

I finally decided to approach her and her friends to see if I could join their get-together. Before I even had to ask, I was invited in.

She invited me to dance using the sexiest line I've ever heard. I blushed. Only she could have pulled that off. We danced to just the right music. She loved the way I moved. She loved that I'm tall and that I'm 42. Her energy wrapped itself around mine as though I had no choice but to concede.

Our fingers were entwined as she engaged in conversation and I watched people dancing. We kissed on the dance floor. Her lips were warm and soft and kissing her felt right.

From the moment I saw her, I wanted her. Kissing her only increased the intensity of the desire.

I'm almost a year into being single. Going home with Sexy Girl left me with butterflies in my stomach - the good kind of butterflies. I never questioned for a second whether or not I should - I knew I was going to.

We talked, I shared, we kissed, she was pleased with me and it felt fantastic to be so desired. She makes me feel special and beautiful. She pleased me that night more than I had been in a long time.

We slept and I awoke to her beautiful naked body next to mine. She touched me and re-ignited a flame that had burned silently during the night. She let me sleep again afterward; she made me breakfast. I felt comfortable with her and didn't want to leave. But had to.

She's gotten under my skin. She's kicked a door open in my heart that was sealed shut - by me. I didn't see it coming. I'm overwhelmed. I'm happy.

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