Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Empty House

So this weekend Auburn Aries will be at her Dad's. Though it was supposed to start another two week vacation from being a Mom, I've attempted to move the dates to better accommodate my schedule (selfish feels good once in a while, especially when my ex-husband is mean to me).

As it turns out I'll be kidless, Thorless, Hot Toddyless, The Handsome Princeless and Young Studless.

What's come of the universe that all my distractions and boy toy will be missing all at once?! This can't be.

Don't get me wrong - I know I have the office to paint, the back yard to dig out of its wreckage and boxes to go through and throw shit away for when I move. I have plenty to do to stay busy and lucky for me I'm comfortable in my own skin. But when a girl wants to play, it's always fun to play with a partner in crime.

Anyone wanna come out and play?

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