Friday, December 16, 2005

PMS Two days later...

Though I have not had the privilege of bleeding and getting it over with (as my Spiritual Equal, Young Stud, said this morning – it shall happen tomorrow up on the full moon) I am feeling some type of relief.

Communication goes a long way, does it not?

Hot Toddy and I had a good talk. I told him how I miss my friend and our talks. The Aub and Hot time needs to come back. He gave me a little Thank You card the speaks of how much he treasures me. Sometimes I guess just hearing it and not having to know the unspoken truth exists inside, helps.

I had a heart-to-heart with K9. I told him exactly where I was at with everything. He said that all I’ve done is be a great friend to him and he’s been so wrapped up on his own stuff that he ended up in an bad place.

After my writing the other day, I sat in C.C.s with Hot Toddy, Ms Karma and The Math Whiz and watched K9 work. He is a good guy. I watched him and could feel his pain inside. Damn Piscean luck – more energy to carry around. I felt horrible about venting. Though it did help and it’s my blog and I chose to use it to find clarity.

Helping someone isn’t always convenient. If helping people were easy, more people would do it.

Auburn Aries is still the light of my existence. She leaves tonight to go to her Dad’s for a week. I don’t see her until Christmas Eve. In as much as I need a little time to myself, I will be lost without her by my side. But while she is away, I will go to the Santa extreme and give her another year of magic.

I’ll have some Aries Christmas anecdotes next week. By then, all should be well.

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