Sunday, November 28, 2004

Coastal Anecdotes

Last week I took Auburn Aries to the coast. Her Dad can be such an ass, "What am I supposed to do with her on Thanksgiving? Why do I have to have her?" In light of the fact that she heard him say these things (no wonder she has self-esteem issues), I decided to take her away and let her be a kid. It would be an adventure.

We headed to the coast and stayed in a rental house in a small, sleepy coastal town devoid of malls and shopping centers. Our goal was to just hang together. We were going to walk the beach, cook fun dinners, eat ice cream, gather sand dollars, play games, read books and watch movies. It would be perfect.

And it was.

There were some things Auburn Aries said, however, that were too rich not to share.

Anecdote #1:
Tuesday morning as soon as we awoke, AAries wanted to go for a walk on the beach. We bundled up and headed out. We were on the beach that morning around three hours and talked about a multitude of things.

AAries: "I don't think it's fair we don't get to live here."

APisces: "I don't think so either. I love it here."

AA: "We need to sell our house and move to the beach. We could ask the lady (she's referring to the vacation rental agent) where there's one for sale and tell her we'll need a couple of weeks to get our stuff and then move there."

AP: "What will I do for money when we live here?"

AA: "You could work at a grocery store. I hear those people make a lot of money. (insert an "are you kidding me" look from Mom) No, I'm serious. Like an outlet store or something. We'll be fine. I promise."

Anecdote #2:
A little later in our walk...

AP: (somewhat muttering under my breath) "Mom needs to figure out her budget when we get home."

AA: "What's that?"

AP: "It's where I write down how much everything costs and see how much money is left."

AA: (insert exasperated tone) "Well, yell my name when you have $100 left. I'll be layin' on my bed doin' nothin'."

Anecdote #3:
While sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and watching the ocean, Auburn Aries pushes my cup of Chai closer to me. I glanced down and saw what looked like a fuzz on the back of her finger.

AP: "Auburn Aries, there's a fuzz on the back of your finger."

AA: She glances down and smugly says, "No there's not. There's Elmer's Glue and some chocolate, but no fuzz."

Anecdote #4:
While at dinner on our last night...

AP: "How much ice cream is left in your little carton? A little less than half?"

AA: "A little more than less."

In as much as I am sure many of you may not have children, I will try to lay off the Auburn Aries stories for a bit. I have yet to get into the groove of blogging everyday and Auburn Aries has been center stage lately.

Perhaps tomorrow I will write about how damn cute The Handsome Prince is in drag. His play "Pageant" was great. I don't know when I've laughed so much.

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