Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Stop Cutting Off Your Fingers!!

My friend, Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven, laughs at my intuitive powers. Because of my ability to "feel" him, he often jokes with me by sending me a chat saying he's in his cube cutting off a finger and asks me if I can feel it. I am able to tell when he feels lost, distracted, hurt, happy, and yes...drunk. And no, I'm not like Elliot in ET who takes on intoxication as ET guzzles down a six pack. In this particular example, it's more about his state of mind.

With Hot Toddy it's been quite an awakening. I knew him long before he knew me as his humorous reputation preceded him. He thought I sat at home with my cats and lived an existence of solitude. I have no cats and only choose solitude when I want or need it. We launched an immediate friendship. He accepted me and my lifestyle and I understood him early on in ways he didn't even know I did.

On Saturday I met with my psychic. I know as psychics go there are many who are full of crap. This one, however, is the real deal. It's the second time I've met with her. I told her nothing of my family yet she was able to describe my Mother's laugh (she died last year). She was able to describe in accurate detail the way my brother stood when he joined us in our session (he died eight years ago). There were many things over the course of our session that once again confirmed I wasn't making a mistake by meeting with her.

My goal for the session was to dig further into my spiritual path. As an active Pagan, my spirituality seems to have been kicked up several notches. My psychic was able to confirm a few things I suspected about myself all along. She helped confirm I am not only on the right path but that I need to forge ahead and try to find an outlet for my "gift." What? Working in IT isn't conducive to enhancing my intuition?

She warned me about my inability to stop taking on other peoples' emotion. She warned me that I was going to have to learn to "pull the plug" on those whose energy I need to stay away from or it could be detrimental to my own health. I shared with her the constant feed I get from Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven. I explained that it didn't matter the time of day, it was there and I couldn't turn it off. Nor did I want to. His is an energy that helps me grow.

It was at this point I took out a picture of Todd. Again, having not told her anything about him she was able to describe him as artistic; that he had a big heart; that he is all about love; that he has a great sense of humor (there is more but I'd have to go the tape she gave me of our session). She said she could see Todd writing, being published. Writing a screenplay that would be very successful. She said she couldn't see him as famous actor but that she could see him as a very successful character actor...the kind whose face you know but whose name escapes you. I told her he was, indeed, an actor and confirmed that her assessment of him was correct.

As she studied the photo further, she began to giggle under her breath and shake her head. "You two have been related in two past lives. That's why you can feel him the way you do." Apparently we have a soul cord that has existed for a long time. In one life he was my younger brother and in the other he was my father. I was pleasantly surprised. There was much more to my session and much more about Toddy that I have shared with him that will remain between us (well, us and The Handsome Prince and Ms Karma). Things from which we may learn and grow as human beings while existing in this spiral.

I guess the one question that I neglected to ask was whether or not all that Maker's Mark could, in fact, ever get to me! "No, Officer, I haven't been drinking... Todd is.. No, he's not here. He's at CC Slaughter's. He was my brother...and then he was my Dad. I am serious. I can feel him...it's like a spiritual cord. I don't even like whiskey."

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Unknown said...

I am over here at my cubicle putting a staple in my lip. Did you feel it?

I ate pizza for lunch - it was actually leftover from this weekend when you brought it to The Vortex. I had two pieces. Do you feel stuffed now?

Okay. Enough comedy jokes. I am so glad you are blogging. I have had the pleasure of reading some of your writings, and I know you have so much to offer people. I wish for you thousands of new connections and friends as a result of what you write here. I look forward to seeing more and more from you. And if you need a hand, I'm just over the wall. Unless I get up and go to the bathroom or something. But you'll feel me if I do.