Thursday, September 15, 2005

Kick a Little Game

While driving Auburn Aries to school this morning , I had TLC playing in the stereo in the car. Sometimes a girl’s just gotta get her groove on and I love dancing to this particular song. I wasn’t a big TLC fan until I worked with Hack Man. He got me hooked and we’d groove to it while building servers when we were Unix Engineers here at Company X.

In order to continue this story, you’ll need to know some of the lyrics. And, okay, so they lyrics aren’t deep and meaningful but seriously with this groove who needs intellect. It’s just about getting laid. Goddess Bless ‘em for writin’ it! I’d rather dance to this than that fast techno-shit I hear playing most of the time in bars.

"Kick Your Game"

I’ve been watching
Come on let me kick a little game to you
Baby, baby let me kick a little game to you

I’ve been watching you watching me
And I know you want it
Come on let me kick a little game to you

Laying against the wall checking out the scenery
All I see is everybody trying to get with me
So I continue to play it crazysexycool
Lost all composure when I laid my eyes on you

You just wanna know if you can kick some game
Come with something more clever than just your name
See it’s like this I wanna take you home
But you gotta show me that your game is on

I’ve been watching you watching me
And I know you want it
But it depends on how you kick your game
Come on let me kick a little game to you

It’s about to close but you’ve only said a few words to me
I’ve been waiting for a dose of your personality
See I’m in the mood and if all goes right
Baby you will be you will be going home with me tonight…

So Aries and I listen to the song on the way to school. I can see her in my rearview mirror. She’s putting so much neck into her groove I was actually proud! When she gets a little older, I’ll teach her how to move her hips…just not now.

Once the song finishes the conversation went something like this:

AA: Mom, what’s it mean, ‘let me kick a little game to you.’

AP: Umm, well, ummmm, kick a little game means, ummm…chillin’ (yeah, that’s it). It means kickin back – just chillin’ with your friends. You know, kick a little game.

AA: Oh, okay.

AP: [praying she doesn’t turn to a boy at school and ask if he’ll kick a little game her way]

AA: Mom, have you been reading those parenting books again?

AP: Parenting books? What are you talking about?

AA: Chillin’? That’s a new word! Did you read that in one of those parenting books?

AP: No, and no it’s not a new word. It’s an old word, Sweetie. Just chillin’ with your friends. When Hot Toddy comes over we just chill. When me and The Boys hang on the deck we’re just chillin’.

AA: No, it’s not an old word. I’ve never heard you use it before. Ever. So, what…are you the hip, new Mom of the season?

AP: [Laughing hysterically and frantically searching for a pen and paper to make blog notes] Aries, quick find me a piece of paper. I have to write this down.

AA: You’re going to blog about this aren’t you?!

AP: Yes, now give me a piece of paper. Hurry. [Given the back seat of my car in her own personal art area, I know she’s got paper].

AA: All this ‘cause now you say chillin’?

AP: It’s not new, I promise! Hey, wait a minute…does this mean that normally I’m not a hip, new Mom?

AA: Nope. You’re not.

AP: [devastated – I always thought I was a pretty cool Mom]. Well, if I’m not a hip, new Mom then what kind of Mom am I?

AA: You’re a loving, caring kind of Mom - not a hip, new Mom of the season.

AP: Is that good?

AA: Of COURSE it’s good. It’s waaay better to have a loving, caring Mom than the other kind. I know you’ll always be there for me and love me. Those other kind of Moms are weird.

Someday when she’s older, I’ll clue her in on kickin’ a little game. There’s only one problem, I doubt I’ll ever be able to dance the way I do to this tune in a bar – which is extremely sensual – and not be reminded that I’m someone’s Mom. That has the potential to be a real buzz-kill.

But for now, I’m a loving, caring Mom. And that’s good enough for me.

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