Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Slow Approach of Fall

The air has begun its transition into Fall. It’s slight yet noticeable. I awake each morning long before the sunrise, feeling the young embrace of the night air as it continues it’s way into my bedroom. The crispness falls upon my skin and holds me hostage. I reach for my down comforter – the one that has temporarily taken the place of a lover to keep me warm.

Being cold feels lonely to me. It always has.

As Fall draws near, I can still recall the warmth of the Summer sunlight against my skin. It carries me through until the darkness of Winter sets in. The heat of Summer becomes merely a faint memory as it becomes increasingly remote with each day that passes.

I enjoy the gentle winds of Autumn as it kisses my neck. The breeze still fluctuates with warmth and the impending coolness of another season. It serves as a reminder that change is again upon us.

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