Monday, February 06, 2006

Sun is out and so am I

I sat down to post today and can't seem to concentrate long enough to do so. You see, the sun is out here in Portland. The weatherman whose vocabulary is limited to the words "rain" and "storm" for nine months a year here, was kind to me this morning and said what sounded like, "Hey, Aub, it's going to be sunny and in the upper 50's all week. So put your Seasonal Affective Disorder in a sack, Sister, and get your ass outside."

I may be paraphrasing just a bit, but I'm thinkin' that's pretty darn close to what he said. Anyhoo, who am I to argue with such brilliant advice?!

So far it's been a kick ass day. I slept well, got new lenses for my progessive lenses (stupid birthdays keep making my eyes worse), while I was waiting for my new lenses to be cut I had tea with my friend (my eye doctor), bought myself and Young Stud a copy of the book Hot Toddy recommended, had lunch with Young Stud who sees right into the soul of me and makes me smile. He and I participated in an orgasmic Creme Brule... and now I'm here blowing off my blog in exchange for sunshine.

I think I'll go get Auburn Aries early from school, return home and wash my car while she plays outside. It's just what I need. Yippee ki yo, mo fo!!! (Sorry, I'm feeling giddy).

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