Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tender Hearts

Once in a while you get thrown a curve ball that will brush you back off the plate. Though you know these people or events in life are unavoidable, they nevertheless cease to surprise you when they happen.

You think everything is going just as it should be and then something unfolds that catches you off guard and leaves you wondering. Wondering whether or not you’re doing the right thing; wondering whether or not what you’ve done was or is the right thing; wondering if there are ever truly, clear answers.

Sometimes you have to follow your heart, which may go against the opinions of those with whom you are close. Sometimes you just have to find out for yourself what truly lies beneath.

Things are not always what they appear to be when based on an outward appearance. After five and a half years of therapy, I have come to realize that you should never make assumptions about a person’s insides (heart) by the way they appear on the outside.

It took me a long time to learn to harness that knee jerk reaction.

I have recently watched my best friend, Hot Toddy, travel the echelon’s of emotion as he tried to figure out his heart. I have listened as Fairy Godmother has done the same with her recently ended relationship of five years (and all that that implies) and being faced with dating again. I am currently amidst my own processing as I try to sort out where I am at with Sexy Girl.

Your heart doesn’t always follow your mind. Translation: Logic may not always win over emotion and vice versa.

Whatever the decision you make, you run the risk of being hurt or hurting someone. Conversely, you also run the risk of being very happy by being true to your heart. You’ll never know which, however, until you step outside your comfort zone and grow as a human being.

For those of you I love who are figuring it all out (including myself), you’re not alone. With risk there is growth regardless of the outcome.

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