Wednesday, May 25, 2005

HTTO is bored with my week old post

Hot Toddy... Apparently nothing has happened in your life since May 19.

Auburn Pisces... This is the worst week EVER!

Auburn Pisces... What shall I write about.

Hot Toddy... Me

Auburn Pisces... None of my material feels good enough lately. May I write about you?

Hot Toddy... Always. It is the only thing I really like reading about. Unless you write about Thor. I like reading about him too.

And a blog was born…

Apparently I was drunk on Saturday night to the point of being silly. It's actually The Handsome Prince's fault. If he would have kept his birthday a secret from me, that would have helped.

Once back at The Vortex and well into the evening, Hot Toddy gave me timelines to the amount and allotted time I had to consume the drink in front me. He also said Sexy Girl had to drive my car to get me home because he didn't want me behind the wheel. What a good "Dad." (control freak:).

I guess I must have been too drunk to think about sobering up to drive myself home. Go figure.

The Math Whiz said I was cute and that I reminded him of Auburn Aries I was giggling so much.

I certainly wish the events of the evening were clearer in my mind. I'd like to have the ability to still giggle about the memory rather than hear about it. Either way, it's still fun though.

I'm heading to L.A. tomorrow. I'm taking Auburn Aries to Disneyland. Fairy Godmother is joining us. There is no way in hell I'm rolling the dice with my sanity by spending four days in L.A. with an eight year old. Fairy Godmother is my cushion! Thank Goddess!

I am hooking up with my soul sister, Pua, while I'm down there. She truly feels like my sister from another mother and I am very excited to hang with her and The Mister and The Fam. OC Vortex, here I come.

I know that while I am out of town, Thor will find someone something to busy himself with. Hopefully it will be someonesomething Hot. The winds have changed in the burbs and I am really enjoying the Hot Toast that's now available. Though I'm not much of a toast connoisseur, I'm certain that Thor is.

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