Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mustang Aub

The night before I lost my job, I bought this smokin' ass Mustang.

Kind of a double-edged sword isn't it? Buying a car like this one and losing your job the next day.

All I can say to that is, Eh....

There's a bit of a story behind the Stang. I received a call from my sister, Skinny Girl, on Christmas morning telling me that her husband had bought her a Mustang as a gift for Christmas. She didn't mean that he took her to pick it out. He actually went to the dealership and selected the car, had the value of her Jeep Wrangler assessed unbeknownst to her while she was at work, brought the car home and hid it for three days in their neighbors garage (my sister never noticed the neighbors were parking on the street).

On Christmas morning, Ken had moved the car into their back driveway and handed her a little box with a set of keys in it. Nice, huh?! That kind of stuff only happens in commercials. She called to tell me the story to which all I could reply was, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

I couldn't believe it for two reasons: 1.) that she has a partner in her life that would do that. I will never be with a partner (regardless of the gender) long enough to have anyone do that for me. I was jealous.

Reason #2.) That she got the car I wanted!!! Let me clear one thing up... I am a Chevy girl at heart. Always will be. It's part of the list of fun questions I ask potential partners - Chevy or Ford, Democrat or Republican, etc. But when Ford changed the body style of the Mustangs to look like the old Mach 1, I was sold.

Fast forward four days and Auburn Aries and I were out rattin' around and I asked her if she wanted to go test drive the new Mustangs. I honestly didn't walk in there expecting to buy the car (okay, maybe a little I did). Mostly I just wanted to see how much [ahem] moxie it had (what is it with me and moxie?).

The saleswoman told me she would drive the car out of the lot and then we would trade places. With a puzzled look on my face I asked her if she was buying the car. She said no - at which point I promptly told her it would be I who drove the car off the lot. And that I did.

I first test drove the V6. Unbelievable. Aries was sitting in the back seat shouting "WE NEED TO OWN THIS CAR. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!"

Then I drove the GT. Oh my hell. The GT has so much power it literally throws you back against the seat even more than the V6 does. I drove GT like it was meant to be driven. I'm certain I scared the poor saleswoman. I pulled back into the dealership with images flashing through my mind of being pulled over, speeding tickets and never getting to open the car up the way it was meant to be driven.

I decided to buy the V6. Being a single parent with a $2k mortgage in an economy that feels like its never going to recover, spending $30k on a car seemed a bit frivolous. I was proud of myself during the negotiation process. I felt like my Dad - not taking any shit or rolling over on features I wanted or price. I made several calls to Ken to make sure I was on the right track. He helped me out on specifics.

I left there with my 2006 Vista Blue Mustang, V6, 17" alloy wheels with low profile performance tires, 6 disk CD/mp3 player with a 12" Alpine subwoofer in the trunk. I had the windows tinted last week. The car is too damn cool.

For years I 've wanted a blue car. When I was with Aries' Dad, he determined the color of the cars I bought mostly because he was better at being an asshole than I was. Then when I was with Grouchy Girl, she picked the color of the Camry (again she being a bigger bitch than I was, with her fit-throwing "I won't ride in that car if you buy that color.").

But now...I'm driving what I want in the color I want and the car hauls ass. Literally. Pony is jealous of my purchase (sorry, Pony) and when I gave Hot Toddy a ride to the airport, I actually scared him. It's just a huge injustice to not let my Pony do what it was built to do - which is perform like a Champion.

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