Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Indignant...No, not me

While watching CSI last night my loving daughter, Auburn Aries, who was sitting immediately to my right announces:

AA: (with her right index finger pointing right next to my eyeball) You have CROWS FEET!

AP: (mouth falls open, head turns slowly toward Aries) They're laugh lines.

AA: No, they're not...they're crows feet.

AP: I don't know who taught you that shit, but they're LAUGH LINES and I've earned every one from a lifetime of laughter. So knock it off...they're NOT crows feet.

AA: Man, they're deep.

AP: Shut the hell up...

That's it... I'm calling a photographer to have pictures taken of me and Aries together so I can get them on my blog. Crows feet. Who does she think she is...damn kids anyway.

Apparently Mini Me has my honest-to-a-fault quality. I need to let the world see that THEY'RE LAUGH LINES. I'm serious. Old women have crows feet and I'll never be old.

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