Monday, October 24, 2005

Not a Dime a Dozen

I have a new housemate and youuuuu don’t. I love Hot Toddy being at the house. His energy is loving and engaging and his presence fills my house with even more love than it already has.

This weekend was our first full weekend as housemates. Saturday night we had plans to hook up with a new friend, The Professor, who’s moved here from San Francisco. And Jaden was in town and we were looking forward to meeting her as well.

Saturday night was one of those nights that mean the world to me.

Hot and I hooked up with The Math Whiz and The Lawyer at Crush for the closing party for the GLBT Film Festival. Neither of us had attended any of the film festival but what better place to people-watch our own kind than at such an event. We had such a good time talking and laughing. I was able to recount the drunken night o’ porch puking with physical comedy. It was great.

We ended up at C.C.’s and I found myself once again happily surrounded by My Boys. The Math Whiz had been joined by The Handsome Prince, Pony and Chopper showed up (after I retrieved them from a bar around the corner), The Toddtender was working and gave me my usual smooch when I arrived.

I ran into my friend, Tom, who is also my eye doctor. Our friendship materialized quickly and easily. It isn’t many people who are friends with their practitioners and I consider myself lucky to be in his inner circle. He’s always said that he believes I’m such a great catch and he can’t believe I’m single - as such he’s always on the look out for Ms. Right for me.

At one point in the evening, I stopped and took in my surroundings. There were my closest friends all talking and laughing and interacting just like we always do. It had been a while since we were all gathered together. There were no walls. No one was uncomfortable. Each of us knows the other intimately and can share our lives without fear of judgment.

There, working behind the bar, was my friend The Toddtender twisting up my Margaritas and always kind of looking out for me. He’s always taken the time to talk about real life things with me, not just bullshit bar talk. His friendship has come to mean a lot to me. Not just because I get to kiss his handsome face and soft, sweet, full lips (though if you could all see how hot he is, you’d agree it’s not a bad reason), but because his energy is very grounding for me.

I looked around at the other two other bartenders that were there, Chris who was on duty, and John who was not. They both sent me over drinks. I feel special when I am at C.C.s. The boys treat me with genuine kindness and it’s why I consider C.C.’s my home bar.

I watched our new friend, The Professor, interacting with everyone in our circle of friends and realized just how well he fit in. Being the Pisces that I am, I trust the energy read I get from a person when I first meet them and I’m generally not wrong. The Professor has a kind, gentle spirit and seems very grounded and every one thought he was great.

I spoke to Jaden and was equally impressed with her. Though the women she brought with her didn’t seem too keen on the boy porn. And if you’ve read any of my posts about C.C.’s you’d know that boy porn is one of the reasons I go there. I made sure to point out the well-endowed men just so I could watch them blush and giggle.

I saw a certain friend of mine with a hard-on invoked by his boyfriend. I am so close to this individual that when I saw his huge package straining the denim in his pant leg, I had to tease him about it. It was at this point he jokingly tried to adjust himself upward, when I said, “Yeah, that’ll work” and quickly lifted up his shirt tail exposing several inches of his manhood sticking up beyond his jeans (yes, near his bellybutton). We laughed…what more could you do.

I stood there and watched and felt the energy of each of my friends. I am so thankful for each and every one of them. I don’t know that I will ever be able to convey the depth of love I have for them. I am so blessed. I can only hope that other people are given the gift of friendship like I have been given because to live without it would truly be the worst fate.

We all left the bar headed for The Vortex. Toddy and I were looking forward to the rendezvous. Unfortunately for me, I got a headache before we left the bar. I wasn’t sure if it’s the lack of top shelf tequila or the cigarette smoke or whether it was just my turn to have one such headache, but as I drove across the river, I realized how piercing the oncoming headlights were and couldn’t escape the fact that this slight headache was turning into a full-blown migraine very quickly.

Toddy offered to drive and took me home thus sacrificing The Vortex. I headed into my bedroom and took off my earrings and watch and realized the evil migraine was about to turn my body inside out.

There, on my knees in my bathroom, I fell victim to its hatefulness. In between my desperate attempts to try and get control, a voice from outside the door spoke. “Do you want me to hold your hair back?” All I could do was laugh. Even in the throes of puking, Hot Toddy can still find humor. You see, I have short hair. There’s nothing to hold back.

Once I was able to get my composure, I opened the bathroom door and looked up at Toddy. “Thanks for the offer, Sweetie… I know you love me enough to hold my hair back...if I had any.” He brought me Advil, a couple bottles of water and a big bowl just in case I got sick again. He put me into bed and covered me up and made sure I was okay.

We laid around on Sunday and watched On Demand season two of Sex and the City and Weeds. I fought my headache all day long but it was still a great day spent with my dearest friend. Sick or not, I’m the luckiest person on the planet, and I know it.

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