Thursday, October 30, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Happy Birthday Oak Point Man!!!

I meant to get this post up a couple of days ago (actually on your birthday) but got busy...or distracted...or maybe I was dancing with myself ~ who knows.

My point is I still think about you, my friend, nearly every day. On the 27th as I toyed with ideas about what I wanted to say, I stopped and thought about all the time we spent together. Morning coffee everyday at Kobos, lunch at the Acrop (still wantin' me some "Sunday" brunch!) or at the bento place, laughing at so many stories about people and friends and kids, checking out women together - one in particular that was H.O.T. and smart (a combination that's hard to beat). The three of us were great friends.

I miss the kid stories a LOT. How is the Dinosaur Man? Still crazy smart?

I enjoyed our talks about relationships and sex (not always mutually exclusive). It was nice to have a friend with whom I can have those conversations without being judged. You were definitely that friend.

I regret not seeing you more when I worked in your neck of the woods. The miles between us are many but I still feel as close to you as ever .

I look back on the the last few years and miss what was. I miss the cameraderie we had and the way things were back then. I know that people and events come and go in our lives. It's like reading chapters in a good book. When you reflect on it, certain things stand out more than others. You are definitely one of those chapters. That last year we physically worked in the same location was, what I now know to be, a wonderfully, sweet time in my life.

I still love my life the way I always have, but I've been through more - some of it not so great - and I realize I will never be the same person I was back then. Wiser, yes. Unaffected by certain events, no. It's funny how it all works. When I think of that time I realize how blessed I was to have you and Hot Mama and Young Stud in my life. Time has changed the proximity but not the way my heart feels about you guys.

My friendship with you always made me feel special. You were truly my friend. I know we each had other friends but I knew that you were there for me and that it didn't matter what happened, you cared about me.

As I conclude my walk down memory lane, I want you to know the friendship you shared with me has touched my heart. I have memories (and giggles) that only you and I share and that's pretty cool.

I'll try to make an effort to connect with you soon. Maybe it's time for another conference call with Hot Mama?!

Happy birthday, Oak Point Man.

I love you.