Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Behold My New Abode

I found that living on a island outside Portland, although scenic and lovely, can cost a fortune. The 40 mile round trip to the grocery store or to the bar to meet my boys or to Auburn Aries's new middle school was not only expensive because of the gas for Stella but the time lost. Every trip off the island took an hour minimum. 30 minutes to town and 30 minutes back.
Forgot a key ingredient for dinner - an hour and half. Out of tampons - same. Not to mention the cost to run an in ground pool or the strain on my sense of humor.
I'll certainly miss those days by the pool but time had come for me to make a logical decision and move closer in. AA is playing volleyball this year and doing winter cheerleading and the location we moved to is less than a mile from her new school and within ten minutes of the grocery store. I actually had pizza delivered a couple of days ago. I haven't lived within pizza delivery range in years.
Keep in mind that in these pictures, this is not my furniture. I have no furniture. The stuff I had in my Powell Butte place was worn and was at the point it was going to need to be replaced soon. The island house was furnished so no worries there. Well, here I am in a new place without a stick of furniture.
It'll be a couple of months before I can probably afford to purchase new stuff so if any of you locals have furniture that you want to sell or get rid of, please let me know.