Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Friend...GuruStu

During my busiest times posting to this blog, I acquired several friends that I still hold dear.  One in particular is GuruStu.  We were introduced via our blogs and I immediately felt a spiritual connection with him.  We've spoken on the phone several times and even had plans to meet up the last time I was in L.A.  Things didn't work out that particular trip but I still keep up with him via cyberspace. 

Over the years, his words have helped me stop and take stock of my life.  He's given me insight into myself and he's helped me think about the person I am and the person I'd like to become.  He's helped me sort out what's important and what's fodder.

GuruStu posts "daily thoughts" on his website.  Everytime I receive an email with a new post I open it and take the time to read every word - no matter how "busy" I feel.  I inevitably walk away feeling more in control; feeling more capable of enjoying my life instead of feeling like life is running me over.

Back on November 17th he wrote a post entitled "Don't just make better choices; become a person who makes better choices."  You can find it on Daily Guru Thoughts.  I have a folder for GuruStu's pearls of wisdom, it's for his posts that speak me; it's for posts that I know I'll come back to when I need them. 

After reading his post about making better choices, I felt inspired.  I read the post a second and third time.  I couldn't believe how much clarity I suddenly had from the insightful thoughts of this one incredible man.  That particular post reflected deeply with me because it was how I had always lived my life but somewhere along my journey I'd lost my way.

I clicked the print button and thought I'd hang onto a hard copy.  If I could be that motivated by his words at that particular moment, I knew if read it every day it would help remind me how simple it really is to living your life and doing the right thing -- by making better choices.

When my print job completed, I pulled it off the printer and realized I had high quality photo paper in the tray.  I'd been printing photos my friends Pua and Charlie earlier in day.  I saw it as another sign that that particular post of GuruStu's was, in fact, meant for me that day.

It now hangs on the wall in my home office.

I realized at that moment that nearly every time I felt like I'd failed at something, it was because I didn't make the choice to succeed.  I didn't make (or didn't want to make) the potentially tough decisions to get there. 

It's now 10 months later and there are several other Seeds of Wisdom that hang on the wall in my home office.  It's never know who you might meet or who may make an impact in your life.  I met Hot Toddy who turned me onto blogging and subsequently pointed me to GuruStu.  I can feel Stu's energy every single day and what comes from his heart lands directly on mine....and I'm thankful for it.