Monday, October 03, 2005

It's 5 a.m., go back to sleep


AP: [steps out of the shower and runs to Aries' room] What is it, baby?

AA: I was having a bad dream.

AP: [stroking Aries' cheek and hair] Everything is okay, baby. Do you want to talk about it?

AA: Uh huh... We were in a mall and a friend of yours was getting married and couldn't afford a wedding dress and asked if you would help her pay for it, so you were buying it for her. I had to go potty so we walked to the bathroom and when I came out I couldn't find you anywhere.

AP: Aries, I would never walk away like that. I could never let anything happen to you.

AA: I know, but I walked the whole mall and looked everywhere and I couldn't find you. It was the scariest dream ever.

AP: It was just a dream, little one. You're home and safe in bed. It's 5 in the morning, so go back to sleep and I'll wake you in an hour.

AA: WAIT! That wasn't all. Then, I dreamed I was riding a giant tape dispenser [the disposable kind] like a horsie and someone stole my sausages...

AP: [WTF do I say to that?! I was fighting back laughter so hard, my shoulders were shaking. Someone stole her sausages!. Oh my hell. Riding tape like a horse made a little more sense simply because my eight and a half year old is a tape whore. But seriously...if my entire world was rocked by something this hilarious, I wouldn't need Wellbutrin!] Go back to sleep little one. Everything is okay. I love you.

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