Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Buzzed Blog

Okay, so first of all, I spoke to a woman who works at a company that I want to work for so badly it hurts (and not the good way), and she was bitchy.

Then I spoke to a recruiter who thought I was the shit, which was good.

Then I put on makeup (a nice welcome to the non-makeup-laid-off-existance I usually have going) and met Pony (and Toddy) at C.C.'s. I've missed Pony the last week. I'm very connected to him and it was great to see him.

Then Young Stud called and interrupted a conversation Zereos and Pony and I were having about Young Stud's staying power. At which point I invited Young Stud over for some friends-with-benefits time this weekend.

When I left the bar, I picked up Ren but not before I got lost in the web of streets behind her house. When I saw her it was, I'm sure, because I had, again, Kanye West jammin' on my stereo while thumpin through the 'hood. Okay, not the 'hood but the trendy neighborhood in which Ren lives.

Then we picked up Aries and grabbed some Mex, which I'm a sucker for - Sans Margaritas during dinner (I'd had enough during non-happy hour).

While on our way home, we were jammin to some Stevie Wonder (full-tilt-boogy) when the light turned green. In the right lane was a full-size white Chevy truck (bowtie and not named Sven, I'm sure) who decided to drag race me on the green light. Out of total commitment to my 'Stang and her ability to roast 'em at the drop of a hat, I accepted the challenge and totally beat that Chevy.

Since he has more horsepower, I'm sure he was just messin with me, but I got a charge out of it. He gave me a total run for my money and I thought he had me but I won - that is, if it's a yes or no question!

Anyway, I was stoked. I had Ren give 'em 'the wave' to thank them for the excitement and proceeded home. It was then that Aries wanted to get out of the car and get her groove on. To accommodate her desire, I cranked the stereo while she shook her booty like a frickin' stripper.

With my jaw hanging on the floor, Hot Toddy came outside and said my stereo was so loud he thought it was the motor to my car (which made me, well, hard to say the least). Aries walked up to Toddy and said "put em up" (meaning put up your dukes) to which Hot responded by putting his hand way up high in the air and said, "praise Jesus" (in a house full of Pagans...).

Hot Toddy asked about names. He asked if we knew what Haley (her middle name) stood for. Of course I knew but Aries responded with "hero" to which Hot rolled his eyes. "Of course she knows that." Hot Toddy shared that he was named after one of Liz Taylor's husbands. It was then that Aries said "at least I wasn't named 'Jack Daniels' like my cousin."

I quickly reminded her that Jack was her second cousin by marriage (with the hope that it somehow would distance her from the white trash connotation of the name). Aries responded with, "I have a second cousin?" I told her that being from a big family she had third and fourth cousins as well.

It was then that Hot looked at her and said, "That's 'cause you're inbred, Sweetie" and was so matter of fact about it. Ren and I stood there and laughed...I couldn't say through all the laughter.

The niight only progressed from there. As the four of us watched American Idol, Hot Toddy's diatribe was not only hysterical, he was relentless. By the time it was over, I aached from laughing so hard.

Ahh, just another day in paradise.

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