Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Liars and Kangaroos

Last week I bought Auburn Aries a snack called Fruit by the Foot, to put in her lunches. She’s been on a kick lately of wanting me to make her lunches. After I do so, I fold up a napkin and put it in her lunch box along with a note (which is sometimes written directly on the napkin). The notes say various things – to have an awesome day or that she’s my pretty girl. She is very fond of my little notes of love.

Last week she asked if she could have one of these snacks while at home. In fact, to be more specific, I was on my cell phone while working on my laptop in my home office when she tiptoed up to me, lightly tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the box.

Not wanting to be interrupted, I agreed.

Fast forward to yesterday…

While walking through the grocery store with Auburn Aries yesterday afternoon, we had this conversation:

“Little One, what kind of snacks do you want in your lunches this week? Do you want more Fruit by the Foot or……”


Laughing at her opening line, I stopped her, “Wait, hold that thought.” I immediately flipped open my cell, speed-dialed Hot Toddy’s Toaster Oven and handed her the phone. When Hot Toddy answered, she unleashed her little seven year old outrage on him without missing a beat.

“I am so mad at the Fruit by the Foot Company. I can’t believe it. I opened every package and I didn’t win….”

Hot Toddy responds to her thinking it’s a friend of his from college playing a prank, “How can I help you, Ma’am?”

(in one breath) “What?! This is Auburn Aries and I’m so mad at the Fruit by the Foot Company. It said right there on the box that I could win $10,000 and I opened every package and I didn’t win a thing.”

It occurred to me while they continued with their conversation, that when she tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the box what she was asking me was whether she could open every package in search of the one that told her she was the lucky winner.

I really need to pay more attention sometimes.

This whole thing rates right up there with the bad dream she had last week.

She was lying in her bed calling out my name. It was around 2 a.m. I dragged my butt to her bedroom at which point she tells me in her little sleepy voice that she had a bad dream. I invited her to come sleep with me and she said she agreed. We snuggled up and fell right back to sleep.

The next morning she never mentioned a word about the dream so I didn’t bring it up either. That evening while I was starting dinner she brought it up.

“Remember last night I had a bad dream?”

“I do remember that. Do you want to talk about it or are you okay now?”

“No, I can talk about it. There was this kangaroo…..”

That’s all I heard before I about died laughing. I reached across the kitchen counter for my voice activated micro cassette recorder. “Wait just a sec and tell me about it.” I pressed the button and recorded the conversation. I don’t have it with me here at work to transcribe. Trust me when I tell you that to an adult, any nightmare about a kangaroo isn’t really scary. Funny, yes. Scary, no. Just don’t tell Auburn Aries I said so.

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