Monday, January 03, 2005

Wake me from this nightmare!

This can't be it. I just had the most phenomenal week with my daughter. I awoke feeling rested and ready to head back into the office. I mean, I've missed the Toaster Oven, Ms Karma, Hot Momma, Oak Point Man and Diomedes. God knows my job is too freakin' boring to have missed that! Though I'd much prefer to be wealthy and not have to work, I was optimistic about returning to the chaos office and starting the year out fresh.

Then I walked through the door...

I found the heavy blanket o' indifference still smothers those beneath it. I practically had to belly crawl to get to my cube so I wouldn't appear disheveled from its' weight. As I waited for my system to boot, it started. That over-the-cubewall-talk we now refer to as "barking." It's like that yappin' damn dog next door that won't shut the fuck up. And much like that yappin' dog next door, those that blather over the walls slapping those of us in the face who are trying to concentrate, seem to believe what they are talking about is the most important thing ever. It amazes me how wrapped up people get in their own unimportance.

For chrissake people, walk over to the person and have a conversation. Be respectful you motherfuckers. If I have to hear my boss say popuhlate or calcuhlashuns or dater when she means data one more time, I'm going to start pulling hair out in patches.

Totally taxing my gig and throwing my harmonic vibe outta whack this morning. What they don't realize is I'm much stronger than they are. I can take 'em. Each and every one of 'em. Good Morning Street AuburnPisces, visiting so soon?!

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